Star Coulbrooke and Cameron Card Set to Appear in August’s new graffiti 2.5! (via new graffiti)

Darren Edwards the creator of a new publication for poetry that will be featured in broadsides, flyers, magazine inserts, postcards and anything else that can be thrown into a public space, has contacted me about using some photos I took of a school being torn down. It’s always exciting when people can find something from your photos to relate to. Can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

Star Coulbrooke and Cameron Card Set to Appear in August's new graffiti 2.5! While the first issue of new graffiti hasn't come out yet, (actually the submission period doesn't even open for another two weeks) there is exciting news about issue 2.5 which will be published at the end of August. Issue 2.5 will be new graffiti's first Guest Writer/Artist feature and two exciting individuals are on board. Poet, Star Coulbrooke, and Photographer, Cameron Card, are contributing work for what looks to be a powerful issue of new g … Read More

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My Remz (haffeys pro blade)

My Remz, originally uploaded by [CAME]r[ON] [CAR]d.


Humanities “creative project”

I’m in my second semester to become a Teacher for elementary ed, and we were introduced to a “creative project” for my humanities through the arts class. Most people who know me, know how much rollerblading has influenced my life. Without strapping some blades on my feet I’d never be where I am today. Even though rollerblading put me through the HARDEST time I’ve ever had during the 27 years I’ve been alive, I wouldn’t change what happened for the world. When something this big happens in your life you can either take it as a negative experience or learn from it and know it happened for a reason. I will forever be in debt to what rollerblading has taught me about life.


Tremblant Canada<—Original photo
Really happy about this print. Couldn’t have happened at a better time. Getting married in Aug.. :)

Ricketts Glen Falls Trail TWO

Had a great time with the Schepman family at Glen Falls Trail. Only reason I ever found the place was because I was helping them move into their new home. Great little trail with tons and tons of water falls. Careful about crossing the trees over the water.. Little Gavin took it hard trying to cross a semi high one. He took it like a man though.

Professor Card

Abandoned, wrecked, and, old schools are AWESOME!!

World Wide Handstands (project)

This is a project Kendall and I will be doing the rest of our life’s together. Or at least until she can’t do handstands anymore. Way more really cool places to go. Can’t wait.